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Les vêtements essentiels du vestiaire agricole !

The essential clothing for the agricultural wardrobe!

Are you a farmer, breeder, market gardener or wine grower and are you looking for work clothing suited to your activity? You are in the right place ! On the occasion of the International Agricultural Show, we will present to you a selection of agricultural work clothing perfect for practicing your profession with complete peace of mind.


Why choose work Bermuda shorts?

In the professional world, every detail counts. And the choice of work Bermuda shorts is no exception. In this article, find out why choosing this work clothing can transform your daily life!

Softshell : la technologie au service de votre confort et de votre sécurité

Softshell: technology for your comfort and safety

Mid-season is coming and Softshell clothing is out! Waterproof, warm, flexible and lightweight, Softshell work clothing embodies excellence in protection and comfort. Softshell fabric , with its three layers of specific heat-bonded materials, offers a unique combination!

Affrontez l'hiver en toute confiance : la méthode des 3 couches de vêtements de travail

Face winter with confidence: the 3-layer workwear method

During severe weather or low temperatures, at Nine Worths we advise you to layer 3 layers of work clothing in order to stay warm and dry. To put it simply, the first layer is breathable , the second provides optimal insulation , and finally, the third protects you .


Require CERTIFIED: The DNA of Nine Worths®

In the ever-changing world, where comfort, expertise, resilience, technicality, innovation, functionality, identity, ethics and sustainability are crucial aspects, Nine Worths® stands out by embodying the very essence of these values! To learn more, it's here.

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