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L'Ourlet ajustable : Une révolution dans le vêtement de travail

L'Ourlet ajustable : Une révolution dans le vêtement de travail

Le confort et la fonctionnalité des vêtements de travail sont essentiels pour assurer votre satisfaction. C'est dans cette optique que nous avons conçu l'ourlet ajustable, une solution innovante pour nos pantalons de travail ! Découvrez dans cet article pourquoi l'ourlet ajustable est une véritable avancée dans le domaine des vêtements de travail !

Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les gants de travail

Everything you need to know about work gloves

Work gloves are essential for many professionals. Whether it's construction, gardening, handling or any other manual work, choosing the right work gloves can make the difference in working safely. In this article, we will guide you through the different types of work gloves we offer at Nine Worths , their specific uses, and how to maintain them for optimal lifespan!

Célébrez la Fête des Mères avec des vêtements de travail femme

Celebrate Mother’s Day with women’s workwear

There mothers' Day is fast approaching, and this year it's time to pay tribute to all those extraordinary women who work hard day in and day out. At Nine Worths, we understand the importance of supporting and celebrating women who are an integral part of traditionally male-dominated sectors, such as agriculture and construction!

La sécurité au travail ? Notre priorité !

Safety at work? Our priority!

In the world of work, safety is a top priority. But how can we guarantee this security effectively? This is where Nine Worths comes in. In this article, we will explore the European certifications that ensure optimal protection.

Tout savoir sur les fondamentaux du pantalon de travail

Everything you need to know about the fundamentals of work pants

Work pants are much more than just clothing. It is equipment that must combine practicality, comfort and safety to meet the requirements of all trades! At Nine Worths, we are committed to providing premium quality work pants , packed with advanced features and designed to meet the specific needs of workers.

Les vêtements éco-responsables : la nouvelle ère de l’équipement professionnel

Eco-responsible clothing: the new era of professional equipment

We all face the urgent need to take action to protect our beautiful planet. As consumers and businesses, we have the power and responsibility to make sustainable choices that preserve the environment for future generations. At Nine Worths we take this responsibility very seriously, which is why we are proud to present our range of eco-designed work clothes !

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