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Eco-responsible clothing: the new era of professional equipment

Les vêtements éco-responsables : la nouvelle ère de l’équipement professionnel

We all face the urgent need to take action to protect our beautiful planet. As consumers and businesses, we have the power and responsibility to make sustainable choices that preserve the environment for future generations.

At Nine Worths we take this responsibility very seriously, which is why we are proud to introduce our range of eco-friendly workwear !

Summary :

  1. A reasoned choice of materials
  2. Our range of eco-designed clothing
  3. For further


1 – A reasoned choice of materials

When our models allow it, we favor more durable and quality materials such as Modal or recycled polyester . Part of our range meets the Standard 100 label of the Oeko Tex brand guaranteeing the quality of our fabrics as well as the absence of chemical substances harmful to health and the planet.

Recycled polyester: a sustainable solution

Polyester is an omnipresent material in textile manufacturing. Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a material resulting from the recycling of plastic bottles, scraps from textile production and recycled clothing .


The advantages of recycled polyester:

  • Dries faster.
  • Exhibits superior color stability, even when exposed to sweat and sunlight.
  • Retains the shape of clothes better and is less likely to shrink.
  • Guarantees a prolonged period of use.


Modal: an artificial textile of natural origin

Modal is obtained by spinning wood cellulose fibers, thus classifying it among the types of viscose. Modal can be used alone, or combined with other fibers. It is 50% more absorbent than cotton, at equal volume.


The advantages of Modal:

  • A good alternative to viscose, much more environmentally friendly.
  • The manufacture of Modal takes place in a “closed circuit”: saving water, chemicals used recycled and reused until almost total exhaustion.
  • Neutral CO2 footprint because the chemical reaction it undergoes in contact with a solvent is compensated by the regeneration of the trees necessary for its manufacture.
  • Products made from modal are durable because the material is resistant. They require little maintenance: this material does not shrink when washed, does not allow limescale to set on it and does not need to be ironed.


  • Oeko-Tex fabrics

oeko-tex pictogram

Oeko-tex fabric guarantees the absence of harmful and dangerous substances for your skin and for the planet. Everything is controlled: the fibers of the fabric, the threads or even the prints and inks used, but also the production methods. In any case, it is a label certified by an independent organization.


2 – Our range of eco-designed clothing

Little by little, we are integrating clothing made from eco-responsible materials into our product range. We have summer and winter ranges as well as for men and women.


The ALBA women's work vest , made from recycled polyester


The QUENTIN work t-shirt , made from Oeko-Tex fabric

quentin work t-shirt


COSTA work Bermuda shorts , made from recycled polyester

Costa work Bermuda shorts


3 – To go further

At Nine Worths , our commitment to a sustainable future doesn't stop there. We continue to innovate and seek ecological solutions.

Whether with regard to our methods of operation, recycling or transport, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint . We have adopted a zero waste policy by removing hangers, recycling our packaging and making donations to a charity. We are joining the carbon neutrality approach of our carriers in France.

We are also committed to raising awareness among our customers and our community of the importance of eco-responsibility ! We know that this is not enough and it is with our entire value chain that we are studying new innovative solutions.

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