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Why choose work shorts?


In the professional world, every detail counts. And the choice of work shorts is no exception. In this article, find out why choosing this work clothing can transform your daily life! We tell you everything about this practical and essential work clothing when it starts to get hot.


Summary :

1 - The history of work shorts
2 - The specificities of work Bermuda shorts
3 – Men’s work Bermuda shorts
4 – Women’s work Bermuda shorts
5 - Our favorite models of work Bermuda shorts


1 - The history of Work Shorts

At the beginning of the 19th century, British soldiers from the Royal Navy deployed to the magnificent islands of Bermuda found themselves faced with a major challenge: reconciling the intense heat with their service uniform. To remedy this situation, a measure is taken: shorten the trousers to above the knees! The word Bermuda was therefore naturally inspired by the name of this archipelago.

To keep a formal appearance, these sailors had to complete their outfit with knee socks, a blazer and a tie! This new version of the uniform quickly became a symbol of the archipelago's clothing identity. Even law enforcement officials have officially adopted this unique dress code, which has helped it become ingrained in local culture!

Today, shorts are an adopted item of clothing: young people, older people, men, women, etc.! It is a garment that has also become very popular at work, particularly among construction professionals !


2 – The specificities of work Bermuda shorts


Security :

No matter the season of the year, at Nine Worths, worker safety is our priority! To replace work trousers when temperatures rise, we offer work shorts .

Our work shorts incorporate essential safety elements to minimize various professional risks. Reflective details, reinforcements in strategic places and robust materials are among the features that guarantee the protection of professionals.


Comfort :

The number 1 advantage of work shorts is their COMFORT! Indeed, working in direct sunlight, or when temperatures are high can be very tiring, which is why wearing work shorts or work Bermuda shorts is highly recommended! Our work Bermuda shorts are designed to offer optimal freedom of movement while allowing the skin to breathe. The lightness of the fabrics allows you to feel comfortable and not sweat too much.


3 – Men’s work shorts

We understand that every professional has different needs when it comes to work equipment. This is why our collection of men's work shorts has been carefully designed to offer you a wide range of options.

Do you work in construction, maintenance, green spaces, logistics or another field of activity? We have what you need ! Men's work Bermuda shorts in Stretch material, with multiple pockets, with back raise, with water-repellent fabric, etc...


4 – Women’s work shorts

Gone are the days of baggy work clothes that only fit men! At Nine Worths, women can now find their happiness! Yes, we also thought of ladies by developing a range of three models of women's work Bermuda shorts .

At Nine Worths, we want women's work shorts to make them feel confident and stylish in the workplace, all day long! Thanks to our different models of women's work Bermuda shorts , you can be sure to find pieces that combine style, comfort and functionality, allowing you to excel in your profession!



5 - Our favorite models of work shorts



costa work bermuda shorts



Bolt work Bermuda shorts







We have convinced you and now you want to buy work Bermuda shorts for yourself or your team? Go to the men's work Bermuda shorts and women's work Bermuda shorts collection page to make your choice!

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