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Safety at work? Our priority!

La sécurité au travail ? Notre priorité !

In the world of work, safety is a top priority. But how can we guarantee this security effectively? This is where Nine Worths comes in. In this article, we will explore the European certifications that ensure optimal protection. We will then talk to you in more detail about two standards: EN 14404+A1 and EN iso 20471, which are respectively pants with the possibility of inserting knee pads and high visibility clothing .

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Summary :

I - Nine Worths European certifications
II - Standard EN 14404+A1: knee protection
III - EN ISO 20471 standard: high visibility clothing

I – Nine Worths European certifications

In the field of safety and equipment at work , European certifications play a crucial role in ensuring quality and safety standards for different equipment. Here is an overview of the main European certifications we use at Nine Worths and the products concerned:

  • EN ISO 20345 and ESD standards: The first guarantees that the shoes are suitable for the world of work and professionals. The second is added to the main standards (S1, S2, S3, etc.) and allows the electrostatic charges accumulated on the human body to be dissipated.

  • Standards EN 388 and EN 21420+A1: The first specifies the requirements, the test method, the markings and information to be provided concerning the gloves. The second is linked to the requirements in terms of ergonomics, safety, marking, etc., of work gloves.

  • Standard EN14404+A1: It defines the requirements to protect the knees during all professional activities requiring a kneeling position.

  • Standard EN13688: This international standard specifies general requirements in terms of ergonomics, clothing marking, aging, safety, etc.

  • Standard EN812: It brings together the safety requirements linked to anti-impact caps.

  • EN343 standard: It applies to the performance of materials and rain clothing.

  • Standard EN ISO 20471: It concerns the requirements linked to high visibility clothing which can visually signal the presence of the user.

We'll tell you more about the EN14404+A1 and EN iso 20471 standards!

II - Standard EN 14404+A1: knee protection

Imagine working all day in positions that put stress on your knees. This is where the EN 14404+A1 standard comes in to guarantee optimal protection! Some of our work pants are designed with special pockets to accommodate knee pads.

These, made from Cordura and Oxford Tech, provide impressive resistance against sharp or pointed objects, giving you peace of mind during your tasks.

Classified as type 2, our knee pads fit perfectly into the integrated pockets of our pants, strategically positioned at knee level for maximum comfort.

III – EN ISO 20471 standard: high visibility clothing

For many professions, safety is mandatory. At Nine Worths we have a range of workwear that meets the highest standards, including EN ISO 20471 for high visibility.

This standard requires a precise surface of retro-reflective strips and fluorescent materials, classified from 1 to 3, for optimal visibility.

With Nine Worths high visibility clothing: high visibility jacket , high visibility polo shirt or high visibility pants , be noticed and safe, no matter where you work.

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