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Softshell: technology for your comfort and safety

Softshell : la technologie au service de votre confort et de votre sécurité

Mid-season is coming and Softshell clothing is out! Waterproof, warm, flexible and lightweight, Softshell work clothing embodies excellence in protection and comfort. Softshell fabric, with its three layers of specific heat-bonded materials, offers a unique combination!

Find out what makes Softshell clothing so exceptional and why it has become the number 1 choice for outdoor workers, sportsmen and adventure seekers!

Summary :

  1. What is “Softshell”?
  2. The advantages of Softshell clothing
  3. Nine Worths Softshell products
  4. Softshell jackets: for what uses?

1 - What is “Softshell”?

To begin with, what is “ SoftShell ” fabric and what does it have going for it compared to traditional fabric ?

Softshell fabric is 3 layers of specific heat-bonded materials :

  • A first water-repellent layer which ensures waterproofing: thanks to this first layer, the fabric repels water and keeps the user dry even in wet and rainy conditions.

  • A membrane for breathability: this second layer allows perspiration to evaporate. Unlike other fabrics that can retain heat, Softshell promotes the evacuation of body moisture. This membrane allows you to be comfortable all day long!

  • An insulating fleece with thermal properties to keep you warm : this last layer provides effective thermal insulation, allowing your body temperature to be maintained, even when it's cool!

We love using Softshell to make our work clothes ! Indeed, this material is ideal for clothing intended for professional use and even for the Outdoor. At Nine Worths, we offer you a wide selection of Softshell jackets but also men's softshell pants !

2 - The advantages of Softshell clothing


  • Speakers : They repel water for protection against bad weather
  • Insulators: They maintain body heat.
  • Breathable: They wick away perspiration.
  • Windbreakers: They protect against gusts and maintain heat.
  • For all seasons: They are versatile and suitable for different climates.

3 - Softshell products from Nine Worths

At Nine Worths, you mainly offer two types of Softshell workwear : Softshell work pants and mainly Softshell jackets !

Softshell work jackets


Reference: 1391 - MORANE


Reference: 1511 - BOREL

Softshell work pants

We offer you a model of softshell work pants : the WAPITI.

elk work softshell pants

4 - Softshell jackets: for what uses?

- At work :

Softshell clothing is perfect for professional use! Their weather resistance is ideal for professionals who work outdoors, such as construction professionals, craftsmen or field technicians, for example. Their protection and freedom of movement make them ideal for facing the most demanding weather conditions while remaining comfortably dry and warm.

- Daily :

Softshell work jackets are not only intended for professional use; they are also suitable for daily use. Whether heading out on the town in cool, wet weather, Softshell jackets and Softshell work pants provide comfort and protection that make them ideal choices for all occasions. Their versatility allows them to easily adapt to different environments and situations, making them essential pieces of your professional wardrobe!

- For your walks in the forest, for sports…

Men's Softshell jackets or women's Softshell jackets are also very popular with lovers of outdoor activities and nature sports. Their ability to offer waterproofing, breathability and thermal insulation makes them perfect equipment for walks in the forest, mountain hikes or outdoor sports sessions.

Are you a fan of trekking, mountain biking or running? Softshell jackets will offer you the comfort and protection you need to fully enjoy your activities!

Whether you work outdoors, in variable weather conditions, or are simply looking for comfortable and practical clothing, our range of Softshell products is here to offer you a suitable solution!

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