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Face winter with confidence: the 3-layer workwear method

Affrontez l'hiver en toute confiance : la méthode des 3 couches de vêtements de travail

During severe weather or low temperatures, at Nine Worths we advise you to layer three layers of work clothing to stay warm and dry.

To put it simply, the first layer is breathable , the second provides optimal insulation , and finally, the third protects you . This method has long proven its effectiveness in the field of professional equipment, but also in outdoor activities.

In this blog post, we'll look at each layer in detail, highlighting the materials and features that ensure maximum protection against the cold.

Summary :

  1. Thermal underwear
  2. The work vest
  3. The work down jacket

1 – Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is a real prerequisite. This first layer is as important as the foundations of a house! Choose thermal underwear that gives you protection while wicking away moisture. Nothing is more unpleasant than feeling damp while working.


FERBER thermal underwear

At Nine Worths, we offer thermal underwear for men , but also for women. These thermal underwear are designed to be discreet and ergonomic, adapting perfectly to your body for a second-skin feeling. Both men and women can benefit from this first layer, offering a perfect balance between comfort and functionality, whatever professional field you operate in!

2 - The work vest

After putting on your thermal underwear, it's the turn of the work vest or work sweatshirt ! If the base layer has the function of wicking away perspiration, the second goes beyond that by providing warmth and comfort. The work vest or the work sweatshirt will do the job perfectly! Make sure the textile is breathable, warm and comfortable to ensure optimal freedom of movement.


Whether you prefer the practical side of a work vest or the casual style of a sweatshirt , choose a piece that adapts to your work environment while meeting your daily needs. Our range of work vests and sweatshirts are designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. Discover our selection and stay warm without sacrificing comfort or performance on cold winter days.

3 – The work down jacket

Finally, the third layer, the work parka or down jacket , must be waterproof and durable to allow you to work outdoors whatever the weather. Thermal insulation, whether down or synthetic, and a lined hood are important elements for good protection against bad weather and the cold.


By combining these three layers of workwear , you will create a warm and comfortable winter outfit, allowing you to work even when the mercury drops. Stay warm, dry and be prepared for whatever challenges winter may throw at you with Nine Worths workwear !

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