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SAFETY HAT - SAFETY HAT - 2027 - Black

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The Safety Hat is much more than just a head accessory. It plays a crucial role in clearly identifying security guards and making them visible in their work environment. Do you work in the security field? This safety hat is made for you!

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Color : Black
Size : Unique size

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MESH 100% Acrylic

  • Light
  • Embroidery on the front

  • Delivery may differ from the photograph and/or video.

Why choose the Safety hat?

A Light and Functional Accessory:

In addition to providing pleasant warmth, this hat is also light and easy to wear. It is ideal for wearing under a helmet or other protective gear, without adding excess weight. Its simple and effective design makes it perfect for security guards who need a practical and functional solution.

The Security Work Hat is a powerful way to identify security guards and make them visible in their essential role. With its quality composition, distinctive branding and lightweight comfort, it will quickly become an essential part of security professionals' work equipment.

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