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ANKER - SET OF 2 PAIRS OF SOCKS - 9694 - Anthracite / Fluo Yellow / Khaki

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When it comes to work socks , material composition is a key factor in ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day. Discover Anker men's work socks , designed with an exceptional composition to meet your needs. See more
Color : Anthra/JF/Khaki
Size : 6/8

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MESH 47% polyester 22% acrylic 18% polyamide 8% wool 3% viscose 2% elastane

Technicités :
  • Wear resistance
  • Ergonomic
  • Moisture wicking
  • Ideal for Winter


Why choose ANKER work socks?

The Anker work sock is specially designed to meet the demands of harsh working conditions, providing comfort, durability and performance. Made of 47% polyester, 22% acrylic, 18% polyamide, 8% wool, 3% viscose and 2% elastane , this pair of mesh socks ensures an excellent balance between durability and flexibility.

The Anker sock is ideal for prolonged use, even in the most demanding environments. Its ergonomic design adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot, providing optimal support and superior comfort throughout the day. In addition, its moisture-wicking properties keep feet dry, preventing sweat-related discomfort.
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