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Everything you need to know about work clothing

Tout savoir sur la cotte de travail

Do you need solid, practical and stylish work clothing ? Look no further, work overalls , also known as overalls, are made for you! Dive with us into the world of this professional wardrobe essential. Discover its history and all the benefits for you on a daily basis!

Summary :

  1. What is work clothing?
  2. History of work clothing
  3. The advantages of work clothing
  4. Work coats by Nine Worths

1 - What is work clothing?

Work overalls , often called overalls, are an all-in-one garment designed to cover and protect the body from the torso to the ankles. It is often equipped with adjustable straps which allow a perfect and comfortable fit.

What makes the work coat really practical are its numerous pockets and compartments, perfect for storing tools and accessories within easy reach. At Nine Worths, we offer several models that adapt to your different needs: discover them here !

2 - History of work clothing

The work coat , also called work overalls , originated at the end of the 19th century. Initially intended for manufacturers, it quickly won over a large audience!

The history of work clothing begins in 1844 with Louis Lafont , an innovator in the field of work clothing. To facilitate the work of his father-in-law, a carpenter at the time, Louis Lafont developed unique work pants. He added a long, narrow pocket, perfect for slipping in a folding rule. This detail proved very useful for artisans, marking the start of a revolution in work clothing .

Over time, work clothing has evolved to meet the specific needs of various trades. It has become a symbol of the worker, the farmer and many other professionals, thanks to its ability to protect and provide comfort throughout the working day. Today, work clothing remains a piece of equipment used on a daily basis for many workers.

If the subject interests you, listen to this podcast !

3 - The advantages of work clothing

⛑️ Protection: The work overall protects your personal clothing from dirt, splashes and damage. Reinforced in strategic places like the knees and elbows, it offers you additional protection.

🤗 Comfort: Thanks to its one-piece design, the work coat offers great freedom of movement.

👌 Practicality : Thanks to its numerous pockets and compartments, this work clothing allows you to keep all the necessary tools and accessories close at hand.

⏳ Durability: Made from robust materials, the work coat is designed to resist wear and difficult working conditions, making it a super profitable purchase!

4 - Work coats by Nine Worths

At Nine Worths, we understand the importance of wearing reliable, comfortable and functional work clothing. Our work overalls are specially designed to meet the requirements of professionals from all walks of life. Our work overalls feature multiple smartly placed pockets to keep your essential tools and accessories close at hand. Whether you work on a construction site, in a carpentry workshop or on a farm, our work overalls are made for you!

Our different models of men's work clothing:

STAMPE work overalls , a piece designed to combine functionality and practicality in the professional world. With its clever features, these overalls are specially designed to meet the needs of active professionals. With its multiple pockets and adjustable straps, the STAMPE men's work overalls are the perfect option.

The SALVADOR work suit is practical, comfortable and durable. Made from quality polycotton twill, this multi-pocket double zip coverall is designed to meet the needs of active professionals. This suit is specially designed to meet the demands of active professionals, providing optimal durability and functionality.

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