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Everything you need to know about Nine Worths safety shoes

Tout savoir sur les chaussures de sécurité Nine Worths

Safety shoes are designed to minimize the risk of workplace accidents and injuries to the feet. This professional equipment is mandatory depending on your sector of activity!

From our different models, each designed to respond precisely to your needs, to the complexity of the standards that govern them, discover how our safety shoes combine protection and comfort.

Much more than just equipment, they embody Nine Worths' commitment to the safety and well-being of workers in their workplace! We tell you more in this blog article about safety shoes !

Summary :

1 – The Nine Worths range of safety shoes
2 - The EN ISO 20345 standard
3 – Additional standards

4 - The specific characteristics of our safety shoes


1 – The Nine Worths range of safety shoes

Let's discover together the various facets of our different models of safety shoes, meeting the specific needs of each of our users:

Men's safety shoes:

Men's safety shoes

Designed with attention to detail, our men's safety shoes combine style and functionality to provide optimal protection in the workplace. Whether for an active day on a construction site, in a factory or in logistics, our work shoes are designed to combine comfort and safety.

Women's safety shoes :

safety shoes for women

Because safety is not just reserved for men and more and more women are present in the agricultural, industrial and even construction sectors, we also offer women's safety shoes . Designed to adapt perfectly to the female body, these women's safety shoes offer uncompromising safety and comfort!

High safety shoes:

High safety shoes

For maximum protection, our high-top safety shoes wrap the foot and ankle. Designed to withstand demanding environments, they offer increased stability and reinforced protection against cuts, weight, punctures, etc.!

Low safety shoes:

Low safety shoes

Finally, for people who prefer a lighter silhouette, our low-top safety shoes also offer great protection. Ideal for environments where mobility is essential, these safety shoes offer a practical alternative.

Whatever your choice, at Nine Worths, we make your comfort and safety our priorities to support you in your daily professional life.


2 - The EN ISO 20345 standard

Certain criteria are mandatory to sell safety shoes. Here are the basic requirements asked of us:

  • Presence of a protective tip
  • The materials that make up the upper: The upper part of the shoe must resist abrasion, tearing and twisting.
  • Insole and outsole: Must undergo abrasion resistance testing, ensuring not to exceed a certain chemical content.

3 – Additional standards

These requirements are not mandatory, but provide additional protective features. Here they are :

additional standards

4 - The specific characteristics of our safety shoes

The honeycomb insole:

Safety shoes are designed to be worn all day and for several days continuously. It is therefore essential to combine comfort and well-being to carry out your activity without constraints.

The honeycomb structure of the soles allows targeted pressure reduction on the sole of the foot and good breathability. This removable, anti-static insole will provide uncompromising cushioning by absorbing shock.

The anti-perforation sole:

In the professional environment, the risk of serious injury by perforation is extremely high: rusty nails, scrap metal, screws, glass, etc. are a permanent danger on construction sites!

To avoid these inconveniences, all our safety shoes are equipped with anti-perforation soles. These soles are inserted between the honeycomb soles and the outsoles, in contact with the ground.

The protective shell:

Falling heavy or even light objects is a daily occurrence for professionals on every construction site. It is therefore essential to protect your feet and toes to avoid injuries. Our safety shoes are equipped with composite protective shells and toes on the front for impact protection equivalent to 200J and also protect against the risk of crushing greater than a load of 1500 daN (1 decanewton = 1.02kg ).

Fitgo laces:

Some of our safety shoes are equipped with FITGO laces . What does that mean ?

FITGO technology is a unique and rapid lacing system. The functionalities and comfort are unique thanks to years of technological innovation and quality processes which have earned them a large number of international patents for more than 10 years.

With these laces, no worries about laces coming loose. No longer worry about your lacing throughout the day. Discover safety shoes…. Who are equipped with it!

To learn more about this technology, visit this blog article !

From men's models to women's safety shoes, high or low, each pair is meticulously designed to meet professional requirements. Strict EN ISO 20345 and additional standards demonstrate our commitment to safety. Discover our selection of safety shoes !

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