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The Adjustable Hem: A revolution in work clothing

L'Ourlet ajustable : Une révolution dans le vêtement de travail
The comfort and functionality of work clothing are essential to guarantee your daily satisfaction! Too often, traditional work pants have fit issues, leading to discomfort and wasted time on costly alterations. It is to meet these challenges that we designed the adjustable hem , an innovative solution for our work pants ! Discover in this article why the adjustable hem represents a real breakthrough in the field of work clothing and how it can transform your daily professional life.
Summary :

1- The Adjustable Hem: What is it?

The adjustable hem is an ingenious solution that we incorporate into the design of our work pants . It allows users to easily adapt the length of the legs by offering two options: a standard size and a length that can be extended up to 5 cm . This system is based on a double interior stitching, which the user can unstitch to instantly lengthen the pants.

Double stitching technology helps maintain a clean finish on the pants even after adjustment.

2- The advantages of the adjustable hem for workers

Flexibility and Adaptability: The adjustable hem offers a practical solution for workers of different sizes. It allows you to avoid costly and time-consuming rework.

Time saving and practicality: Thanks to the double interior stitching, stretching out pants only takes a few seconds. This feature is particularly useful for people who are not into sewing!

Comfort and cost reduction: The perfect fit of pants improves the overall comfort of the worker, reducing fatigue and the risk of discomfort. Additionally, businesses save on customization and alteration costs, making the adjustable hem both practical and cost-effective .

3- How to use the Adjustable Hem for a perfect fit?

Here's a quick video to show you simply how to adjust the hem of your work pants .

Steps to adjust:

  1. Turn the bottom of the Nine Worths Work Pants inside out to access the inside seam.
  2. Using sewing scissors or fine scissors , carefully cut the seam to free up the extra 5 cm .
  3. Adjust the length as needed and enjoy your fitted work pants .

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