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The best workwear & shoes to stay cool this summer

Les meilleurs vêtements de travail & chaussures pour rester au frais cet été

With high temperatures and prolonged exposure to the sun, it is important to choose the right work clothing to stay both comfortable and safe. Extreme heat can not only reduce productivity, but also pose serious health risks. In this article, we give you tips for selecting the best work outfit for summer and feeling good for work!

Summary :

  1. The importance of lightness in work clothing
  2. The selection of lightweight clothing by Nine Worths
  3. Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

1. The importance of lightness in work clothing

When temperatures rise, workers' comfort depends in particular on the lightness of their clothing and safety shoes . Heavy, thick clothing quickly becomes uncomfortable, trapping heat and humidity. Conversely, lightweight workwear allows for better air circulation and facilitates the evaporation of sweat, helping the body regulate its temperature. By choosing lightweight work clothing , you improve your general well-being at work.

2.The selection of light clothing by Nine Worths

For the summer season, Nine Worths offers you a selection of lightweight clothing & shoes specially designed to keep you feeling good even in hot weather.

2.1 Lightweight polo shirts and t-shirts

Made from interlock mesh with cotton interior and polyester exterior. Very light and pleasant to wear!

Made from 100% polyester with breathable mesh, this t-shirt is perfect for those who sweat a lot. It provides optimal ventilation and keeps the body cool throughout the day.

This 100% cotton t-shirt is both light and pleasant to wear. Its feminine cut and soft fabric make it ideal for professionals looking for comfort and style.

    2.2 Light work Bermuda shorts

    2.3 Safety shoes

    For summer, opt for low-cut safety shoes, offering protection and comfort:

    • Justin Safety Shoes :

    Featuring a polyester lining, these shoes provide optimal ventilation, keeping feet cool. Their robust design guarantees effective protection against professional risks.
    • Shelly Safety Shoes for Women :

    Ideal for women, these shoes combine safety and style. Their lightness and breathable lining make them a perfect choice for the summer season.

    2.4 Accessories not to forget

    The essential accessory for this summer: the work cap ! Protect yourself from the sun with the BONNIE work cap, available in four colors.

    We sent a summer work outfit to Cédric from the page who validated and recommended it! Are you a DIY enthusiast? Don’t hesitate to take a look at his page for super practical tips and advice!

    3. Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

    Hydration and regular breaks

    The key to staying cool in summer isn't just about the work clothes and shoes you wear. It is essential to maintain adequate hydration by drinking water regularly. Taking frequent breaks in the shade also helps reduce direct exposure to the sun and gives the body time to cool down.

    Organization of the workspace

    Arranging the workspace to minimize direct exposure to sunlight can make a big difference. Setting up shelters or umbrellas, using portable fans, and organizing the most intensive tasks during the cooler hours of the day are all effective strategies for staying cool.

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