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Require CERTIFIED: The DNA of Nine Worths®


In a constantly evolving world, where comfort, expertise, resilience, technicality, innovation, functionality, identity, ethics and sustainability are crucial aspects, Nine Worths® stands out by embodying the very essence of these values!

“CERTIFIED” is not a simple acronym , but a deep commitment to quality and sustainability every day. In this blog article, we tell you more about these nine pillars that make Nine Worths® much more than a workwear brand !

1- Comfort: the DNA of Nine Worths

Comfort at Nine Worths is a historic fundamental! Each piece is designed to provide exceptional comfort and carefully adjusted ergonomics regardless of the profession of the person wearing our work clothing , accessories or safety shoes .

2- Expertise: 30 years of know-how

With three decades of know-how under our belt, we are committed to offering you unparalleled expertise! We are constantly exploring new product solutions to enable workers to work safely and unlock their full potential.

3- Resilience: faced with challenges, our products resist

Resilience is woven into our DNA. Designed to resist instant external aggressions, our work clothing protects users in all situations. At Nine Worths® , resilience isn't just a trait, it's the promise to keep you safe.

4- Technicality: at the forefront of the latest technological advances

Technicality is omnipresent in each of our products. Nine Worths® work equipment benefits from the latest technological advances, carefully selected from the finest materials. This is our commitment to excellence!

5- Identity: the N and W of excellence

The Nine Worths® identity is captured in the letters N and W of our logo. These letters have acquired a great reputation, just like our products. Each Nine Worths workwear expresses the individuality of our users, thus forming a community!

6- Functionality: details that make the difference

At Nine Worths®, every detail, every trick of our products is designed to be functional. Each of our items meets the needs of our users, providing a convenient experience tailored to their lifestyle and work.

7- Innovation: being avant-garde

Being avant-garde at Nine Worths® means being on the lookout for the latest innovations in terms of functionality, trends, comfort, technicality and eco-responsibility. Anticipating your needs is our way of evolving over time and offering you the best.

8- Ethics: a commitment from design to completion

Today, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) cannot be ignored; it must be fully integrated.

At Nine Worths®, every step is guided by ethical principles. From design conception to material selection and manufacturing, we are deeply committed to creating a sustainable environment. Our Ecovadis silver medal attests to our ethical responsibility, but our commitment goes beyond that. We seek to progress towards increasingly responsible practices.

9- Sustainability: crossing the decades

There are those who say that creativity is running out of steam and those who ensure that it is regenerated. At Nine Worths®, sustainability goes beyond product longevity. It symbolizes the solidity of our items , marked by quality finishes that resist wear.

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By choosing Nine Worths®, you are choosing much more than work clothing . You embrace a lifestyle rooted in CERTIFIED – a commitment to comfort, expertise, resilience, technicality, identity, functionality, innovation, ethics and sustainability. Join us on this adventure where every outfit becomes a statement of quality, responsibility and sustainability.

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