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Safety shoes: discover the FITGO lacing system

Chaussures de sécurité : découvrez le système de laçage FITGO

In the world of work, comfort and safety are essential. Whether you are a building professional, a craftsman or simply a person looking to improve your daily comfort, the FITGO system provides a revolutionary solution.

But what is the FITGO system? These innovative laces promise to transform your safety footwear experience by offering fast, adjustable and hassle-free lacing technology. If you are looking for safety shoes without laces , the FITGO system is the ideal solution!

The sporting origins of FITGO Laces

FITGO laces have their origins in the world of sports , where performance and comfort are paramount. Originally designed for equipment such as ski boots, roller skates and cycling helmets, the FITGO system quickly gained popularity thanks to its ability to provide a precise and secure fit in seconds.

This technology, proven in demanding environments, has naturally extended to safety shoes, bringing the same advantages of speed, comfort and reliability to professionals!

What is FITGO?

FITGO is a revolutionary lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces with a practical solution. The principle is simple: a tightening dial allows you to perfectly adjust the tension of the laces in a few seconds, thus providing optimal and personalized support. At Nine Worths, we have developed a pair of safety shoes with this easy lacing system: Nurmi safety shoes !

What are the advantages of the FITGO System for safety shoes?

  • Comfort : Thanks to the tightening wheel, FITGO laces allow you to quickly adjust the tension precisely and evenly. No more laces that are too tight or too loose and have to be redone every hour; you can now adapt the support of your shoes according to your needs and comfort.
  • Speed ​​and simplicity : One of the main strengths of FITGO is its speed. In just a few seconds, your safety shoes are ready for use. No need to constantly tie and untie your laces, just a simple turn of the dial is enough.
  • Safety and Reliability : Traditional laces can come undone along the way, which can be dangerous, especially when playing sports or in demanding work environments. Thanks to the FITGO system, you can rest assured that your laces will stay in place throughout your activity.
  • Durability : Made with high-quality materials, FITGO shoelaces are built to last.

Why choose FITGO?

Choosing FITGO means opting for a modern and efficient solution. Whether you are a professional looking to optimize your safety and comfort or simply an individual looking to improve your everyday comfort, FITGO laces are a great option. Their ease of use, combined with their effectiveness, makes them an obvious choice for anyone looking to save time and benefit from optimal support for their shoes.


FITGO laces represent a true innovation in the world of PPE. Offering comfort, speed and security, they are the ideal solution for anyone looking to improve their working experience.

➡️ Try them today and discover the benefits of this revolutionary technology for yourself!


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