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Our Urban & Authentic collections

The Authentic line

Discover the Authentic Range : a collection of workwear where every detail tells a story, combining timeless materials, traditional know-how and contemporary designs.

Timeless materials

We combine quality materials that stand the test of time with contemporary designs. The choice of durable and comfortable fabrics is at the heart of our approach, ensuring not only the longevity of our products, but also great comfort for those who wear them.

Memories and iconic details

Each seam, each button, each cut is a tribute to traditional know-how , revisited with a modern touch. These elements, imbued with a vintage spirit, add depth and history to each work garment.

A vintage spirit for today's artisans

Our Authentique collection is aimed at those looking for much more than work clothing. It is dedicated to passionate artisans, to those who value authenticity and quality . By wearing The Authentique range, you are not only choosing a style, you are adopting a state of mind: that of respect for traditions, love of a job well done, and harmony with nature.


The Urban line

The Urban Range: a collection of workwear that reinvents the codes of the professional wardrobe with a contemporary touch.

A bold, graphic design

The Urban line stands out for its graphic lines , creating a dynamic and modern look. The discreetly integrated fluorescent details add a touch of originality.

Materials inspired by sportswear and streetwear

The Urban Range uses technical materials inspired by the worlds of sportswear and streetwear, guaranteeing an ideal combination of comfort and functionality.

Comfort and functionality

Every detail of this collection is designed to
maximize your comfort. From cleverly placed pockets to breathable fabrics, every feature contributes to a pleasant and convenient wearing experience. The Urban collection is perfect for professionals who refuse to choose between style and functionality.

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